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Decentralization of Atoms is Underrated

This post was co-authored with Austin Vernon. Summary While the internet often focuses its furious debate energy on decentralization in the realm of bits, in the realm of atoms, decentralization is currently underrated in terms of its feasibility and desirability. New technologies in areas like aviation, freight, and life sciences can and are shifting the scales towards decentralized models being possible. This has the potential to broaden access, reduce costs, and increase individual empowerment.

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GPT4 Predictions

As a way to keep myself honest, I’m going to be recording GPT4 predictions here and archiving versions of the post so I can’t go back and change it without people knowing. Not that I would do this anyway, but it’s been a tough week for “trust me, I’m telling the truth” so I’m doing this in case readers want the receipts. I predict GPT4 won’t be able to… Write a blog post about gene therapy that I consider to be of equivalent quality to my own Write a scientific paper about machine learning.

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AI Omens: Signs of AI acceleration

A friend recently asked me what my “AI timelines” were. Especially with recent progress in image generation, language modeling, code generation, robotics, protein folding, and other areas, this has become an increasingly popular question amongst those who are paying attention. However, I find trying to answer this question pretty frustrating. There already exist long, thorough reports (another) which build quantitative models and carefully define terms to make sure there’s as little ambiguity as possible.

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Movie Review - Top Gun: Maverick

Since I’ve been going around telling everyone how Top Gun: Maverick (TG:M) is one of the best action movies of our generation, I’d figured I’d try and write down some of my thoughts while they’re still fresh. The core reason I love TG:M is that it’s an unapologetic paean to excellence, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Maverick) embodies excellence as a fighter pilot and teacher, pushing both himself and his students to exceed their perceived limits and their planes’.

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Book Review - Elmer Gates and the Art of Mind-using

Introduction Generally when someone tells you they’ve invented an “art of mind-using” that involves lots of made-up words and comes packaged with a spiritual philosophy, you should tell them “no thanks” and walk away. But, what if that same would-be crackpot was also an incredibly successful inventor whose contemporaries considered a genius? Moreover, what if that would-be crackpot also ran careful, rigorous experiments to validate their theories? And so we have Elmer Gates.

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