Weekly Newsletter

Mind and Brain #

The Trip Treatment
Reviews new research on psychedelics and their gradual integration into mainstream psychiatry. Recounts the effects of psychedelic treatment on patients suffering from addiction or nearing the end of their lives.

Biographical #

Meet Walter Pitts, The Man Who Tried to Redeem the World With Logic
Profiles Walter Pitts, a mathematician who worked alongside the founders of modern information theory but eventually suffered a crippling breakdown.

The Outside Game
Interviews and discusses the work of Howard Becker, a sociologist famous for studying deviants and their cultures. I’m not usually interested in sociology, but I found Becker’s perspective on cultures and their essential elements fascinating.

Health #

Why testosterone is the drug of the future
Surveys various uses of medically administered testosterone for healthy individuals. Summarizes the societal trends and cultural expectations that gave way to this practice.

Disclaimer: I’m not licensed to dispense medical advice and you should not act based on any medical-related opinions offered in this newsletter.

Vaccination #

Measles: Misinformation Gone Viral
Argues for a rational approach to vaccination. I felt that reading this article gave me a more well-rounded view of the ongoing vaccination debate than the ongoing banter between politicians. I hope that’s true for you too.

Education #

Latin Lives
Profiles the Paideia Institute, a school reviving the study of Latin as a living language. Ties in well with current discussions surrounding the value of the humanities, but, at times the author preaches more than he describes.

Personal Data #

The Resume of the Future
Discusses the future of the resume in broad terms and then showcases the author’s prototype of a futuristic resume.

Other Contributions #

Resorting to freedom (Noah Reichblum)
Asserts that vaccines are a public good and that the government should regulate them if necessary.