Weekly Newsletter

Mind and Brain #

Investigates the promises and perils of tDCS, the electrical stimulation of the brain proponents claim will help treat depression and other neurological disorders.

Evolution #

Defending Darwin
A biology professor at the University of Kentucky discusses his experiencing teaching evolution to a group largely composed of Creationists. This article interests me on two levels: 1) I come from an area where evolution is largely unchallenged. In school, I don’t ever recall one of my peers arguing with the teacher about evolution, so it’s interesting to read about a place where this is not the case. 2) This teacher manages to change students minds (even if it’s only a few) on beliefs they hold strongly and have been brought up with.

Iran #

Iran Deal Threatens to Upend a Delicate Balance of Power in the Middle East
Opposes the Iranian nuclear deal on the grounds that it sends negative signals to other American allies in the region.

I’m a Republican and I Support the Iran Nuclear Deal
Supports the Iranian nuclear deal. I found reasons 1, 3, and 4 compelling and found the other two less convincing. Of the articles in support of the deal, this did the best job of succinctly summarizing the case for the deal.

Agriculture and Green Design #

Grown in Detroit but not in the ground
Profiles two hydroponics projects in Detroit. It’s interesting to see how the two projects differ despite their similar goals.

This designer doesn’t make chairs. He grows them–from trees
Profiles a design firm that grows furniture using a special technique they’ve devised.

Free Speech #

Mute Button
Laments the worldwide devaluing of free speech. The author’s totally on point about the more subtle dangers of self-censorship.