Weekly Newsletter

Neuroscience #

Researchers Find Missing Link Between Brain and Immune System
Discusses a recently discovered vessel that connects the brain and the lymphatic system. Although this article’s not great, the discovery itself is a huge deal.

Better not look down…
A neurosurgeon reflects on his career and the mistakes he made. An introspective piece.

Droughts and Water Shortage #

To Save California, Read “Dune”
Argues that Frank Herbert’s ideas from Dune are becoming a reality in California. Dune’s my favorite book, although not due to the ecological aspects, so this article was a no brainer for me. It highlights the intersection of sci-fi, technology, and ecology well.

Quantified Self #

A Temporary Tattoo That Senses Through Your Skin
Investigates Biostamp, a class of wearable sensors that flexibly attach to your skin. Gives a peek into the future of wearable tracking technology.

Food Production #

The Quest to Engineer the Perfect Potato
Discusses an attempt to engineer out potatoes’ costly inadequacies.

Other Contributions #

How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti and Built Six Homes (Kevin Francfort)
Investigates the Red Cross’ work in Haiti and argues that the group has failed in their efforts to help rebuild the country.