Weekly Newsletter

Human Potential #

The Science of Mental Fitness
Aggregates recent research findings regarding the effect of visualization on skill learning and physical development.

Biotech #

Your body, the battery: Powering gadgets from human “biofuel”
Discusses the various ways in which the human body could be used to power electronics.

Letters #

Why Explore Space?
In this letter, Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, the past director of science at a NASA facility, responded to a Zambia-based nun’s letter questioning the allocation of billions of dollars towards the space program with this letter. I included this article because I enjoyed both the content and the idea behind this website (Letters of Note). This letter does a good job of laying out the justification behind ambitious and risky scientific endeavors.

Animal Genetics and Abilities #

Taming the Wild
Discusses a few researchers’ theories and experiments surrounding the genetics of domestication.

Ant-Man’s Real-Life Rivals
A corny but interesting look at a few animals’ astounding capabilities.

Other Contributions #

The Really Big One (Will Baird)
Super interesting New Yorker piece on the potential for a massive earthquake/tsunami that would wipe out much of the Pacific Northwest, and people’s general lack of concern/preparation for such an event.

You Just Got Out of Prison. Now What? (Will Hickman)
A very engaging narrative that presents the work some formerly incarcerated men are doing to help others who are released after long sentences. It’s got great imagery, and approaches the issues related to re-integration in a personal way.