Weekly Newsletter

Corporations #

Are We Ready For Companies That Run Themselves?
Covers the rise of autonomous corporations and discusses its underlying forces and technologies. Questions whether these corporations will liberate us from scarcity or further enslave us to it.

Farming #

An Ex-Industrial Fisherman Rethinks His Job
Reviews Bren Smith, an ocean farmer working to use sustainable farming methods on the sea to make a living and produce food and fuel.

Seeds of Doubt
Presents a nuanced view of GMOs and profiles anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva. Systematically refutes her claims about the effects of GMO crops on individuals and populations.

Medicine #

DIY diagnosis: how an extreme athlete uncovered her genetic flaw
Tells the story of Kim Goodsell’s discovery of the common cause of her two rare genetic diseases. This story hints at the future of greater personalization in medicine.

History #

How the Tudors invented Breakfast
Investigates the recent origin of breakfast and relates it to the modern workday’s emergence.

Other Contributions #

Social Justice and Words, Words, Words (Will Baird)
Identifies issues with the social justice movement.

A Second Look at Bipartisanship (Will Baird)

“Those seeking a golden age of bipartisanship somewhere in America’s history really ought to skip the 19th century altogether.”

The Return of Anti-Semitism (Andrew Lindner)
Asserts that anti-semitism is on the rise both in Europe and the Middle East. The author argues that this trend will negatively impact both Jewish communities and the communities which persecute them, citing history as evidence for this.